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      1. Choose your format
      2. Choose your size
      3. Upload your photo(s)
      4. Drag and drop your photo on to the page

        Editing Options

        • Adjust your photo - click on it allowing you to crop or rotate it
        • Edit your photo go into ‘Advanced Editing’
        • Add another picture by clicking add picture box
        • Add a text box - choose the colour, size, and font
        • Add effects or enhance your photo - by clicking on the photo

      If you do not want your photo to wrap around the edges of the canvas, you can drag and drop a layout onto your design. You have the options of black or white wrapping around the edge of the canvas. Anything beyond the red line will be wrapped around the edges. Anything highlighted will show on the front side. The white border outlining the edge of the canvas will get cut off before the canvas is finished.

      Once you are finished, you can save your project and add it to your basket

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