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      Insta Books

      The easy solution to your everyday digital photos.

      You are going to love this effortless way to capture your everyday moments, making it easier then ever to share. These uncomplicated books are great for milestone moments, big days, trips, or even as a gift for family members and friends. This funky square book will be your new favourite!


      We use eco friendly ink with top-of-the-line printers to produce crisp, high-quality images and type in your Insta Books. To ensure there is no white border around your image, a 1/16-inch trim is required on all the edges. Each is hand crafted by one of our in-house artisans using a sturdy binding process that will ensure the longest possible life for your book.


      You can upload your photos from anywhere, from your Computer, Tablet, Phone, Facebook, Instagram, and Google photos. You are required to upload at least twenty photos but can add up to one hundred photos.


      The number of photos you upload will be the number of pages your book will have. We recommend that you go through all the pages and make sure that your photos are cropped how you would like. You do have the option to edit your photos, add text or embellishments to customize it to your style.

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