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      Create your stories.

      Preserve all your beautiful moments into photo books, it is one of the best ways to capture life and all the milestones along the way. It will give you a way to reminisce and share your stories with loved ones, for generations to come.

      Softcover - This option allows you to design the cover and personalize it any way you want. The cover will not be rigid but will flex with the rest of the pages.
      Hardcover - This option also allows you to design the cover fully and it will be a stiff, solid cover that will not bend as the book is viewed.
      Leather - This option provides the hardcover feel, but it is not designable. Instead you choose one of three colour options and the hardcover is wrapped in lovely leather.

      Regular Pages - Softcover books are only available with regular pages. This means they will not lie completely flat but will curve up slightly from the spine
      Lay-Flat Pages - For hardcover books (including leather) you can choose to stay with the basic regular pages, or you can upgrade to the lay-flat option. The lay-flat options allow your two pages to be viewed as one complete spread. The hinge area will lie flat. This is especially stunning when showcasing scenery photos.

      NOTE: There is a 1/4-inch white border added so your imported page will not be cut off around the edges. Whether you create your pages in Project Life, Album Stomp, In Design, Artisan, or any other program, exporting your pages as jpg and adding them into this established template will create an easy process for you.

      All book can hold between 20-200 pages.


      We use eco friendly ink with top-of-the-line printers to produce crisp, high-quality images and text to create a beautiful photo book. They are hand crafted with skill and care by one of our in-house artisans using a sturdy binding process that will ensure the longest possible life for your photo book.


      If you love designing and scrapbooking, the photo book is going to give you the options you are looking for. If you are better with a pre-designed template allowing you to simply drag and drop your photos and adding in your text, uses our pre-designed templates. Once you start your design, you will see different layouts, backgrounds, text options, embellishment selections and you can rearrange any way you like - our software gives you ultimate control over the final look of your photo book.


      Do you know someone who loves to celebrate moments with family and friends? Give them a gift that is perfectly them, by creating a personalized photo book. Your thoughtfulness and meaningful image will give them a timeless treasure that will last a lifetime.

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